1972 Porsche 914

Basic details on the car

VIN: 4722916581 

Manufactured: 5/3/1972

Engine: 1.7L (serial number 043787)

Exterior Color: L63E.  Apparently, this is a rare paint code (it was used late in the year in 1972), but it is for a standard non-rare color.  There is some documentation that says this should be "Willow Green" but the appearance of the car and Certificate of Authenticity (COA) from Porsche says the care is "Irish Green"

Interior Material Color: Russet Leatherette/21

Optional Equipment: Tinted Windshield and Side Glass

General Progress

Progress Blog - The best place to start

Progress Thread on 914world.com - An abridged version of above, but in thread form with replies from 914world.com visitors.

Detailed Project Documentation

Introduction - How this all started

Disassembly - Taking the entire car apart.

Repair and Restoration - Rust repair, worn out items, upgrades, etc.

Painting - Prep and painting

Assembly - Putting it all back together again.

Ongoing Upgrades - Making improvements

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